Other things you can do

"Adults Only TV to show after 9:30pm"

AO Campaign - After 9:30pm

Support our campaign to move the watershed to 9.30pm!

Research shows how children are being harmed by violence on television.

New Zealand has the most liberal rules in the world.  In the UK and Canada, adult only material is not allowed till 9.00pm.  In the USA, it's even later - 10.00pm.  The watershed in Australia is the same as New Zealand (8.30pm), but the restrictions are tighter, not allowing AO material at all.

Read more about our AO Campaign.

Make a formal complaint about advertising

Complaints about advertisements (in any media) are handled by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Complaints must relate to alleged breaches of the Codes of Practice which are published by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Details of these Codes can be found on the ASA website.

They also have a Codes of Practice booklet in a PDF format.

The Codes refer to:

Find out more on how to complain about advertising.