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Media Matters in NZ - formerly Viewers for TV Excellence (Vote), is a non-profit organisation whose vision is the achievement of Television and Media Excellence.

Our Mission:

To bring about the changes necessary to achieve our vision, by acting:

President's Report to AGM - 9 November 2011

John Terris (Left) with Rajan Prasad (Labour)

John Terris (left) with Rajan Prasad (Labour)

Our 2011 AGM was held in Lower Hutt on Wednesday, 9 November 2011.

John Terris, President of Media Matters, presented his report.

A Vote of Thanks was given to Adrian Cooper, who is standing down after being our secretary for 5 years.

Following the AGM, members had a chance to meet representatives from political parties and hear their broadcasting policies for the 2011 election.

The panel participants were Rajan Prasad (Labour), Jonathan Fletcher (National) and Tane Woodbury (Greens).

Read the President's Report to AGM, 9 November 2011.


President's Report to AGM - 15 August 2009

On Saturday, 15 August 2009, our 2009 AGM was held in Lower Hutt.

Besides the usual business of an AGM, the main business was to vote a change to our rules and constitution to accord with the Charities Commission rules.  The meeting was followed by a social get-together.

Huge thanks are due to all those people who together, help the oldest media advocacy group in NZ to keep going.

In particular, our special thanks to the following for their unique contributions:

  • Adrian Cooper is a our long-suffering and hard-working secretary.
  • Penny Jones is our Auckland executive member and so has a huge area of responsibility.
  • Ralph Ross is based in Christchurch and has a wide range of community contacts which are invaluable to us.
  • Mel Wood keeps our membership records up-to-date, and lives in Featherston (this is the e-age folks) and has never been known to make a single mistake.
  • and Llewe Jones does our design work and has produced our very "grabby" logo.
  • Tania Goodwin is our multi-talented Administrator.

Many thanks also to our Honorary Auditor, John Austad and Honorary Solicitor, Peter Morahan who both do a sterling job.

Read the President's Report to AGM, 15 August 2009.


Media Matters name change - Press Release - 28 April 2008

Press statement by Media Matters President following AGM in Lower Hutt 28 April 2008.

President's Report to AGM - 28 April 2008

AGM April 2008 AGM April 2008

A successful AGM attended by about 40 people in Lower Hutt heard about changes in the media environment ("The Digital Age" is upon us) which necessitate changes in the way this organisation, the only media advocacy group in NZ, goes about its work.

Read the President's report to AGM 28/04/2008.