Life in the Time of Lockdown

Friday, 27 March 2020

Day One

News media have excelled themselves in bringing to us, the rules for self-isolation and how they may apply to us in our differing situations.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush says there have already been people not complying with the lockdown orders in place to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush

Police Commissioner Mike Bush

Eerie quiet NZ

Now there is an eerie quiet about the place.

Radio New Zealand, of whom many have been critical lately because of their managerial flights of fancy, showed what a National Treasure they are, in the quality of their reportage, leaving competitors in print and television behind because of their ability for immediate on- the- spot- and as- it- happens reportage.

Paul Brennan's clear and unaffected diction and the wonderful collection of women newsreaders (with euphonious names like Catriona Macleod, Karen McCarthy and Suzanna Leatawa, and beautifully lilting delivery) have set a benchmark.  TVNZ's Simon Dallow is great in this department too, mainly because unlike many of his colleagues, he has a muted ego which allows the news to speak for itself, and an appreciation of the English language and how words are pronounced, which leaves the other TV newsreaders, if not 'for dead' (not a happy turn of phrase in the present crisis), then at least us viewers wondering whether they ever got an education past NCEA Level 1.